GDC 2012: Day Four

Today was the most fascinating and inspirational day yet! Unfortunaltely, I don’t have the time or the energy right now to cover everything I’d like. Instead, I’ll give you some bare-bones notes on what happened now, then come back and fill them in later.

Congratulations!  You’ve completed level four of the GDC!  Here are the secrets you discovered:

  • You heard Will Wright and Cliff Bleszinski talk about their inspirations, and realized they’re not that different from yours
  • You saw how the art in Dear Esther told a story through use of environment, and how realism can actually be detrimental to immersion
  • You realized that all your favorite games share the common element of strong “atmosphere”, and that having this quality in a game ultimately boils down to nothing more than having a strong, unique, and cohesive identity
  • GDC Microtalks 2012:
    • You witnessed David Sirlin discuss how giving the player less time to think can actually lead to deeper strategy
    • You felt the subtle yet powerful difference between competitive victory and cooperative victory during Mary Flanagan’s talk
    • You learned six things Dan Pinchbeck thinks we need to stop discussing about games
  • You learned several ways in which Pinchbeck told a story through the environment, music, and narrative of Dear Esther
  • You noted several games, books, and movies speakers mentioned that you should check out for inspiration

You’ve unlocked the final level!  Continue?  (Y/N)

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